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Arts Matters is a hit!

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Arts Groups hold a public forum to hear the electoral candidates opinions on Arts in the Community. Over 100 residents of Brampton attended.

Our arts coalition first forum inviting all the electorates to speak to the general public about their opinion on the arts was a great success!!

Almost 1/3 of all those running in Brampton's election came out to speak their mind.

We held a forum whereby all the existing/remaining arts groups were given a few minutes to speak about their group and the hardship some may have faced over the last few years without an arts council.

All candidates were then given a few minutes to also speak up about their plan to suppor the arts in Brampton. Following the candidates, each mayoral candidate was also permitted to speak about their vision of the future.

The event was attended by over 100 members and group participants and the message to city council was clear. Move fast! Reinstate a body of leaders and experts in the arts area that will ensure what has transpired over the last 4 years do not happen again.

Art Matters Debate

No other city the size of Brampton is without and arts council. An arts council is a non profit arms length organization that has the following purpose for the arts community.

The Arts Coalition (Brampton Arts Coalition Committee) was proud of the turn out and the voices heard by city council.

- Advocate for the arts an their needs

- Promote the events and achievements of their membership

- Provide opportunity to network and connect artists together

- Provide funding and spaces to create incredible work

- Celebrate our arts and it's culture

The Arts Cooalition (Brampton Arts Coalition Committee) was proud of the turn out and the voices heard by city council.

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